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Avalon Construction offers a balance between craftsmanship and sustainability. We specialize in beautifully crafted exterior installations and renovations. Working with industry-trusted products, we will maintain and replace your roofing systems with maximum efficiency. Our durable, low-maintenance sidings are made to endure harsh environmental conditions.

Function and longevity are paramount to us. From energy-efficient windows to a wide array of roofing options, our detailed, eco-friendly approach to construction guarantees you the best benefit from the quality of our work.

Prudent, Precise, Professional

Avalon Construction knows that having work done on your home or business can be a stressful situation. That’s where our experienced, professional, and trained experts come in hand. From your initial call to final clean up, our number one priority is your satisfaction.

Whether you need roof repair or replacement, window repair, siding, or help with insurance claims, we will ensure that your project surpasses our own standards for reliability and quality workmanship.

You’re in good hands with Avalon Construction, so why not call for a free, no obligation estimate today!

Roofing contractors with keen attention to detail

Certified General Contractors for Minnesota Homes and Properties

Avalon Construction, Inc. is a team of expert general contractors who have the skills and training necessary to handle a wide range of projects. From roof replacement and vinyl siding installation to home window replacement and garage door installation – we do it all. As BBB-accredited general contractors, we offer a wide range of services for residential and commercial clients throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding communities.

We work for your Comfort and Protection

Our team of experienced professionals is always prepared to complete any task that requires roof replacement or repair from damage caused by stormy weather conditions or unprecedented disasters. We also make sure to preserve your home or property’s structure through innovative vinyl siding installation. We work for your comfort and protection, and we do that with competence and excellence.

Experienced Team of Professionals

Our experienced team of professionals has the skills and training necessary to complete and any roof replacement project or repair from damage caused by storms or unprecedented disasters. We also pay close attention to preserving your property’s structure through innovative vinyl siding installation services. We are committed to providing exceptional quality services, with competence and excellence.

Quality roofing systems for Minneapolis homes

An Eco-Friendly Approach for Construction

Our green building initiative makes us unique as general contractors, which integrates an eco-friendly approach for construction. This generates an impact on the environment as we believe that constructing properties does not have to ruin nature’s cycle. We produce the least amount of waste as we utilize materials, tools, and techniques that are eco-friendly and will ensure the construction of an eco-friendly structure.

Professional Services with Free Estimates

With years of experience and a reputable name in the local community, we lead the industry serving Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding areas. We provide prudent, precise, and professional services with FREE estimates. We operate every Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Call us at 612-239-6505 for inquiries today!

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